The guest

Content Introduction

〈The Guest〉 is an IP suited for both drama series and movies. In this fast-paced comedy, the harmonization of various types of characters makes hilarious situations. And, it has unexpected twists and turns, which makes you experience what real comedy is. In addition, it tells about the universal topic, “desire of going from rags to riches”, and at the end of the story, it also gives a clear message, “conscience is more important than money”. While the story is very funny and fast-paced, which is its charming point, it also makes the audience look back on their lives because it can be everyone’s story. That’s why 〈The Guest〉 is good for people of all ages to enjoy.

Directory Book

Story / 30-page treatment

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IP Story

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Chracter, series, movie

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All That Story co., specialized in stories, is a 15-year-old IP planning and development company. At the end of 2016, we launched a genre novel imprint 〈CABINET〉 to be presented in a book, e-book, and web novel. In addition, we are emerging as the best story IP management company by promoting the secondary commercialization of the works. We won the New Creator Awards twice for 〈The Sprinter〉 at the 2016 Asian Film Market E-IP Pitching and 〈Good Job〉 at the 2018 Asian Film Market E-IP Pitching. At the 2019 Book to Flim Pitching, 〈A Killer Lives Next Door〉 won the howbox Choice Awards. The published work 〈The Case Note of the Minamdang〉 was produced and aired as a drama in Korea. Moreover, works such as 〈The Sweet Bosses〉, 〈The Ghost STory in the Lodging House〉, and 〈The House〉 are currently in the process of being filmed. Other works have been published and webtoonized to be presented to the public

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