Musical Marie Curie

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Marie Curie, a scientist who won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of radium, faces a dilemma as a scientist because of the radium girls who suffer from radium poisoning. The story of Marie Curie, who overcame the prejudice and adversity against female immigrants and faced the world with proudly.
★★★ Won 5 trophies in the 5th Korea Musical Awards, 2021 〈Grand Prize, Best Director Award, Best Original Screenplay Award, Music Award, Best Producer Award〉
★★★ Won the ‘Golden Watering Can’ award, a Grand Prix of 2022 Poland Warsaw Music Gardens Festival
★★★ Confirmed 2023 licensed musical performance in Japan with AMUSE INC.
★★★ Confirmed 2024 licensed musical performance with Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic of Poland

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Musical / 150 minutes (15 minutes intermission included)

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14 and above

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