New Seoul Park Jelly Vendor Massacre

Content Introduction

'New Seoul Park', is a mega-sized amusement park near Seoul. One day, a mysterious man selling jellies appears at the park. Everyone who eats his jelly melts down like the jelly.
- A multiple POVs where 9 episodes are intricately weaved together based on a single event. A time where one should find his/her own way in life. Greed displayed in the face of a destined catastrosphe.
- People disappearing like jelly in the mouth, a crumbling park. A story that can gain spotlight when visualized. In addition, can be produced into tv series, as it is already divided into 9 episodes.

Directory Book

Story (Novel) / 276p

Detailed Genre

Horror, Thriller

Product Type

Story IP

Target Age

Above teenagers

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