Madame Tarot

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“A mystery-thriller novel about Madame Tarot who solves murder cases by reading tarot cards!” An ex-cop, Seoran Cho, became a tarot master who tried to approach women working in bars and clubs in the redlight district. It was all because her younger sister was working from bar to bar in the area, concealing her identity. Seoran quickly became a famous tarot master named “Madame Tarot” by using her profiling techniques and sharp eyes that she earned when she was a cop. One day, she heard the death of her sister and ran to the police station. The woman was dead as shown in the icture of a tarot card, the Ten of Swords. This was the same way as Seoran’s mother was murdered. However, “She is not my sister.” Seoran must find her sister before the killer finds her!
- Best audiobook 6 weeks in a row in Welaaa, 300,000 downloads
- Korean Detective Novels Series

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novel / 296p

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detective story

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Book, audio book

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Sua Lee is a novelist and a TV drama writer. She wrote the Netflix series 〈Goedam〉 and a web drama 〈The Mermaid Prince S2〉 in the Lifetime channel of the A+E Networks Korea. She is a member of the Korea Mystery Writers Association.


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