Bari of the Thirteen Sea

Content Introduction

Just as numerous princesses live in different countries and Mulan lives in China, Korea has Bari. In Korean folklore, Bari is a princess but is abandoned, experiencing all sorts of hardship in the underworld before becoming the savior who liberates the underworld. The story of haenyeo who despise the big blue but cannot live without it unfolds through Olleh, the mother who raises Bari. The twelve stages of the Bari folktale are depicted as the Tavern Sea, the Blanket Sea, the Poison Sea and the rest of the twelve floors of the Underworld Ocean. The tale of Bari is a coming-of-age dventure of a mother and a daughter. This screenplay received an award at the 2019 Korea Content Awards for the Story Category, hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency. It is time to showcase a princess who wears hanbok!

Directory Book

Children’s story / 276page (book)

Detailed Genre

Fantasy, Adventure, Family drama

Product Type

Children’s story

Target Age

All ages

Content Video

She wrote multiple animation scenarios such as 〈Pororo Movie: Dragon Castle Adventure〉, which is Korea’s representative animation, and 〈Shining Star〉, which has the story of K-pop idol groups. Moreover, her works include 〈G-Fighters〉, 〈The Satellite Girl and Mild Cow〉, and 〈Let’s Go! Galaxy Guards〉 which is educational animation to inform general safety rules to children. She also wrote webtoons, novels and children's books

Eunkyeong Jeong