The Last Feast

Content Introduction

In a future society, people can live forever by transplanting their brain to the artificial body. They are so-called the Regenerated. In particular, condemned criminals who committed murder are forced to be restored and do dirty and dangerous jobs. They are reborn only to serve the society. If a regenerated human commits a serious crime even after having been restored, that person is sent to the “Colony” and goes through the final steps called “Reduction” for complete extinction. However, regenerated humans facing the upcoming Reduction start to become victims of a serial iller. The main character, a prison guard, chases the serial killer.

Directory Book

Book (novel)

Detailed Genre

SF Fiction / 328 pages

Product Type

Book (Novel)

Target Age

All ages

Content Video

A2Z Entertainment (Co., Ltd.) is a newly established corportation consists of four different contents-producing companies including GOZKNOCK ENT. GOZKNOCK ENT. is the largest genre fiction publishing brand in Korea. It publishes novels in various genres such as mystery, thriller, romance, SF, and fantasy. It has 50 authors who write detective, mystery and thriller stories, and the number of registered authors is growing every year. A number of novels from GOZKNOCK ENT. have been adapted into movies, dramas, webtoons, musicals, and animations, and have been introduced to the U.S., China, Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asia, etc. Now a lot of content produced by the company is enjoyed by the global audience. For example, one of the K-Triller genre fictions, 〈Hostages Trial〉, made an option agreement with Universal TV in the United States and was translated and published in France. Furthermore, 〈Happiness Battle〉, 〈Voyager〉 and 〈The Evaporated Woman〉 were selected as the novels for the pitching session in K-Story in America. GOZKNOCK ENT. has actively produced a wide range of genre fictions and is now at the center of the Korean content industry.

A2Z Entertainment(Former GOZKNOCK Entertainment)