The Saviour : Choice of Death

Content Introduction

223 people have been killed so far. Lee Younghwan, a rare murderer was caught. Because of his brazen attitude, people called him a psychopath ‘killer’, but he claims that he developed a cure for all human diseases through murder, and that he is the ‘saviour’ who will save the world.
A lawyer who must save Lee Young-hwan for his daughter who has a brain tumor. A prosecutor who wants to put Lee Young-hwan to death for legal punishment for the unjust deaths of 223 people. The whole society, including those two men, has to choose whether Lee Young-hwan is a ‘murderer’ or a ‘saviour’. What is your choice…….

Directory Book

60 minutes x 10 episodes for each season

Detailed Genre

Crime / Mystery / Thrille

Product Type

Series drama

Target Age


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