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What happens to the criminals the justice system has failed to penalize?
When Jihoon, a university student, is wrongfully framed and made the target of a self-righteous group that hunts down said criminals, he decides to fight back. He finds out that they call themselves the “Club Colosseum”, and its members are shrouded in mystery.
Who framed Jihoon and why? However, one thing is for certain - they are unaware of the fact that Jihoon is an ex-special force soldier…

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Webtoon / 80 Chapters (completed)

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Drama, Noir

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Toyou’s Dream was first established in 2009 as a Webtoon production company in Korea. We have been cooperating with 300 authors and writers and produced more than 400 titles in many different genre. Currently, we are publishing about 70 titles on 30 different platforms. Since 2015, we have been creating video contents such as movies, dramas, OTT series based on the original Webtoon IP we have. The main content of ours is a global action noir masterpiece called 〈Tong〉, 〈Dokgo〉, and 〈Blood Rain〉 series, which is growing and developing within a unified world view called 〈Meenbaekdoo Universe〉. Another main area of our business is global distribution, publication and coproduction with other countries. Based on all the experiences, we are moving forward to become ‘Asia No. 1 Webtoon IP Studio.’

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